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A set of videos, of particular interest to programmers, compliments of Metafilter. Delightful, recommended.

These are lectures/demos of brilliant stupid programmer tricks:

1) A DOS executable that only uses printable bytes. (SLYT, 25:40 (yes, long, but so worth it, and accessible to non-programmers), audio and visual both required)

2) On the Turing Completeness of PowerPoint (SLYT, 5:33, audio and visual both required)

This is a work of art with accompanying making-of:

3) A Mind is Born (article with embedded SLYT, 2:21, primarily audio plus cool but inessential visuals) - a 2+ minute music video that is, in its entirety, a 256 byte program for the Commodore 64. This is now my answer to "can a computer program, in itself, be a serious work of art?" I understand about one word in five of the article; someone on MF said of it, I read most of the how it was done link, and I've been a programmer for 20 years, and I still say the answer is "black magic".

Oh, and a bonus blast from the past – I just got done fixing my broken video links post migration from LJ – 4) Life in Life (SLYT, 1:31, primarily visual, with cool but inessential audio). h/t [personal profile] nancylebov. I originally posted here; I had tagged it "sci", but I dunno, what do we call programming with cellular automata?

Yeti’s summer haircut

Apr. 21st, 2017 09:56 pm
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Yeti loves to sit in the puddles in the tub, which causes his coat to get matted. And unlike Cleo, he can’t be bribed to sit still for extensive grooming.

Yeti snoozing, belly fur exposed

So in mid-Spring, we take him to Canine Showcase for a trim:

Yeti after his 2017 summer haircut

AO3 Stat Meme

Apr. 21st, 2017 07:58 pm
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By way of [personal profile] darthneko here.

# of stories: 503 (with several to upload. Having a regular day job has cut down on my computer-noodling time considerably) from 1974 to now (with some number of the older things still to be digitized) in 158 fandoms. Lots of one-off drabbles there. Also some umbrella fandoms (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Tolkien)

Total word count: 493863, which works out to an average of 982 per fic, which is certainly higher than I would have thought. I guess the handful of long things balance out the many many short ones. 7 pieces between 46k and 15k words, three of which were co-written, so properly speaking only about half the words are mine, though I did all the editing. Longest piece: 46657; longest entirely by me: 29701; shortest: 11 words.

Breakdown by word count, not part of the meme but because I am a nerd, behind the curtain )

Total number of fandoms: 158, counting the list on my dashboard. Collapsing the 'umbrella fandoms' (Tolkien (11 total, 8 Middle Earth + 3 non-M-E, reducing it down to 4), Star Wars (6 down to 1), Doctor Who (5 to 1), Star Trek (3 to 1), Adam Lambert (3 to 1), sundry other duplications that all add up to 25 'extra') brings it to an only slightly more realistic number of 133. There are a fair number of crossover and multi-fandom things, but also a great many Yuletide and Yuletide-esque one- and two-offs. (90 one-fic fandoms, 15 two-fic, 10 three-fic, of which 125 fandoms 16 I am the only person to have written.)

Top 5 fandoms by fic count
Middle Earth: 99 Umbrella for: )
Highlander: 86
Original: 73 (I am not counting this as a fandom per se, so there are 6 in this list.)
Society for Creative Anachronism RPF: 47 Poetry )
Star Wars: 47 Umbrella for: )
Doctor Who: 45

The top 5 by absolute AO3 count are:
Highlander: The Series (86)
The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien (76)
Original Work (73)
The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) (71)
Society for Creative Anachronism RPF (47)

Top 5 by Hits
1. Three Views of a Pier (Adam Lambert (Musician), Glam Rock RPF). Written for Astolat for Purimfest. She liked it, and posted about it, thus the hit count. at 989 words it is amusingly close to average wordcount.
2. Fire Dreams (North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell | UK TV). Drabble (100 words) written for Yuletide madness. I think the fact this was written the same year The Hobbit came out, and Richard Armitage became known, accounts for some of this one.
3. The Favourite (Omar Rayyan - Works). Another Yuletide madness drabble, based on a painting.
4. The Good Sex Song (or, the Art of Negotiation, Nursery Rhyme Remix) (Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold). Written for Philomythia for Remix Madness. This is mostly a poem/song with a smidgen of story around it.
5. Jessamy (Frederica - Georgette Heyer). Yuletide assignment fic.

Top 5 by Kudos
1. Let there be Spaces (Lawrence of Arabia (1962)) Yuletide pinch-hit with poetry in it.
2. The Good Sex Song (or, the Art of Negotiation, Nursery Rhyme Remix) (Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold). Written for Philomythia for Remix Madness. This is mostly a poem/song with a smidgen of story around it.
3. Jessamy (Frederica - Georgette Heyer). Yuletide assignment fic.
4. Archiater[1] in Noctem (or, the Singular Experience of Dr. Adam Pierson) (House M.D., Highlander: The Series) Remix written for Taz. Work #2109 on the Archive. Not quite the first thing I ever posted there (That would be The Seven Virtues, work #250) but within the first 20.
5. Spinning Back Around (Highlander: The Series). Written for the Highlander 20 year fest.

No piece of mine (yet) has broken 100 kudos, though the top one there is close.

Top 5 by Bookmark
1. Archiater[1] in Noctem (or, the Singular Experience of Dr. Adam Pierson) (House M.D., Highlander: The Series) Remix written for Taz.
2. Winterlight (Highlander: The Series, Adam Lambert (Musician), Glam Rock RPF). Written for the Adam Lambert Big Bang. Co-Written with Auberus.
3. Let there be Spaces (Lawrence of Arabia (1962)) Yuletide pinch-hit with poetry in it.
4. Need and Discovery (Star Wars Prequel Trilogy). Long. Originally written for the zine I did called Rituals and Meditations. (These last three are all numbered the same because they have the same number of bookmarks)
4. Champagne (Highlander: The Series, Iron Man (comics)). Written for the Highlander 50 challenge, prompt 'Champagne', well before the MCU movies came out. Remixed at one point.
4. The Good Sex Song (or, the Art of Negotiation, Nursery Rhyme Remix) (Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold). Written for Philomythia for Remix Madness.

Yuletide man, Yuletide. And other fests. Need and Discovery I am pretty sure is there because of the resurgence of Star Wars as a Thing. Champagne because it got remixed.
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Joining the crowd fleeing LJ in protest of the new TOS, I've reimported my lj here to pick up the comments since my last import. In the process, I found the below (image below cut so as to not blow up your reading list) - how can it possibly have been 15 years since I got an LJ? Time sure has flown. Even tho I haven't posted in 4+ years, I feel very sad about deleting it. But delete it I have. & it's nice to see at least a few familiar names still posting here - I miss the days of late night chats with fannish folk. I don't suppose any of that moved over to slack or any of the myriad other tools for chat? I see all sorts of fannish content on twitter, tumblr, etc, but surely there must also be conversation somewhere?

Anyway, RIP
See image with stats about my 15 years with LJ )
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Voice-hearers and clinicians: the World Hearing Voices Congress is being held in the US for the first time, Aug 16-18, 2017, in Boston, at BU.
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#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

At this point, having a permanent account, I am probably not going to delete everything, and there are people there who are still not moving that I want to follow, but I'm not posting there.

Homestuck Liveblogging: Go

Apr. 14th, 2017 10:55 am
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I've picked up on Homestuck liveblogging again. (I'm partway through Act 4. There are... 6 or 7 acts, so that means I'm more than halfway done, right?) (Stop laughing at me.)

I want NO SPOILERS. Srsly. None. Liveblog tumblr is set to not give me notices of asks; those go to a couple of friends who help screen them and either answer privately or delete ones that reveal info I don't want yet.

Which is... EVERYTHING I don't already know.

I went into Homestuck knowing:
1) There are "trolls" with horns and zodiac symbols on their t-shirts.
2) There is tentabulge fanart. (This was the reason I got into Homestuck.)
3) There is a ton of slash, including pairings that many people consider disturbing.
4) A handful of names - some human, some troll.
5) Hussie is a dick to his readers. (Or, by other interps, "Hussie is a trickster who likes to keep his readers guessing." But I've read enough to know which version I think is more accurate.)

I have, at this point in reading, met 3 trolls. (I think. Been on hiatus for a while; details are blurry.) I have seen names of a few more in Pesterchum logs.

I don't want to know more. Staying spoiler-free is difficult in a mega-fandom; part of this was an exercise to see if that's possible. It's kinda not. Well-meaning fans keep mentioning small details that they don't even realize are spoilers.

My favorite spoiler so far has been: "At one point, John eats lasagne." And they nicely told me that obviously the whole story is now ruined so I can just quit.

[me] Update

Apr. 12th, 2017 09:43 pm
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SfALFM continues! [personal profile] tn3270 and I have now toured five assisted living facilities on the North Shore.

I am v. tired. Pleased, though; I think we got a lot accomplished.

The five we've seen seem to have slotted into:

1) The Luxurious One – has a movie theater and a pub, and, being attached to an independent living facility, has higher-brow cultural events and activities; also super convenient for residents to go shopping, being ~across the street from a shopping plaza.

2) The Affordable One With Big Rooms (But Kosher and Minimal Services) – also notable for being the one place that had anything like a ready answer for "how do you handle conflict between residents?" Also super convenient from highway. Seemed to try to facilitate friendships.

3) The Service One (But The Rooms Are Tiny And Only One Elevator) – had higher than usual staffing levels, and waits on the residents hands-and-feet. The people we met with were super nice, but we're freaked out about there only being one elevator. Also, the smallest facility, which has both pros and cons. As expensive as the Luxurious One.

4) The Community One (With the Staff Evasive About Prices) – has resident democracy and highly involved residents (resident-run welcome wagon, etc). The only place a resident initiated conversation, and she turned out to be v. enthusiastic about it. May be a bit cultish. Explicitly willing to support residents in occasional recreational cooking. V. SJ, particularly ESFJ.

5) The Sucky One (But Has A Low Income Program) - the one with the scarily awful sales person. Reasonably large rooms. Also, costs as much as the Luxurious One.

200 Word RPG contest

Apr. 11th, 2017 10:29 am
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The 3rd annual 200 Word RPG contest starts accepting submissions on Saturday the 15th; it'll be open for 1 week.

I've read several of the previous years' entries, and decided I wanted to participate this year.

I have a draft of a 200-word Glitch-themed RPG, which uses a Glitch die with the giants & rook on 12 faces. (Because I've had Glitch dice for a few years now and no way to use them, so I figured I needed to fix that.)

Is a very straightforward storytelling game. There's some number tracking involved, but at the level of "make checkmarks," and the basic version only needs to count to 3. (Bonus campaign version! I squished out seven whole words to make space for that!)

Anyone who'd like to see it, PM or email me and I'll share the Google doc; I don't want it to be public for now.

I'd love feedback - is the phrasing easy to follow? Does it seem fun (or at least interesting) for non-Glitch players? Anything I should change?

Protospiel Recap

Apr. 10th, 2017 10:38 am
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As I mentioned, I went to Protospiel over the weekend. It's a game designer's convention at Game Kastle in San Jose, and they very very much welcome players who aren't designers.

Attendance was more diverse than I'd expected; less than I could've hoped for. Women were about 10-15% of the attendees; yay. Designers were about 90% White, a few Asian; not sure any other were people of color. Not sure there were any female designers who weren't partners of a male designer. (Saw husband-and-wife teams; didn't see women alone.) I saw no hints of asshole gamer behavior at all; yay!

Designers pay $50 for half a table (or rather: a whole table, split half-time with another designer; that gives everyone a chance to move around and see what else is going on); players are free. (Except for "VIP" players, who pay $5 and get a bonus game. I payed; I like supporting my local gaming stores & gaming organizations; also I like collecting interesting small games.)

The guy I got a ride from was one of the designers; I didn't wind up playing his games, which were longer and more complex than most of the games I played. (One was "Elements of the Gods," which looked like my kind of game theme, but it had a huge board with lots of little pieces in different different colors - I didn't happen to be nearby when a game was near starting, and it wasn't a quick game. The other was a space-themed game which seemed to have the same level of complexity - same issue; I wasn't around when they started.)

I played 14 different games. 3 of them are very close to commercial release-ability; they may need exact numbers tweaking ("this card is worth 4 pts" vs "worth 3 pts") or phrasing fixes in the instructions, but their play is polished and complete. One of them could use something to extend it a bit, because it's a very simple game - it's delightful, but needs something for replayability among players older than about 10. But the game itself is complete and well-balanced.

Too many thoughts here )


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