Oct. 6th, 2011

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A short snipped of dream today:

Chien and I were sitting somewhere, and he decides to start a game. 1) We're all in heaven. 2) The conservative Christians are right about what the rules are for being good enough for heaven. 3) Turns out, God didn't bother to check, so we're all in, but now we're here we're obliged to change.

So Chien starts teasing me about this and that needing to change - only one lover, he'd better be male, I'd better marry him, etc. Oddly, in the dream, despite Chien being right in front of me, and my lover, I was still somehow a "lesbian", and this was somehow signified by my being an alto. Chien declared my obligation to become a soprano immediately.

Only one God, and we all know which one. etc.

All of his quips were met with sardonic refusals.

Finally he gave me a big-eyed, muppety-innocence look and said "I'm praying for you!"

For some reason that irritated me much more than the rest of the game, so I gave him a dark look and replied, almost menacingly, "And do your prayers get answered? Because my prayers are always acknowledged, and I'm praying for you too."

I woke up thinking "whoah, "I'm praying for you" as a threat, eh?" followed shortly by "Wait, ALL my prayers are acknowledged?! Buh?"



emberleo: A rabbit with antlers eating blackberries (Default)

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