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My Oaths as a Vanatru Gythia

Last Saturday, August 10th, at Greyhaven, I took my public vows as a Gythia to the Vanir:

Oaths to Nerthus

For as long as the Earth supports you, and you are able:

Do you vow to respect the children of Midgard as your siblings,
not only those of your own kind, but all life in this world?

Do you vow to honor the Spirits of the land,
the animals, and the plants as your kin?

Oaths to Njordh

For as long as you have sufficient resources, and you are able:

Do you vow to respect your fellow human beings
as free and equal to you in spirit?

Do you vow to embrace Frith for all who do you and yours no harm,
Temperance for the harms that are done,
and Justice for those who are unfairly burdened?

Do you vow to honor the Ancestors,
yours of blood and spirit,
and those of all humanity?

Oaths to Freyr

For as long as you live, and you are able:

Do you vow to care for your body and mind,
respecting your own limitations,
and those We place on you?

Do you vow to negotiate mindfully for your needs to be met,
asking no one - neither humans, nor spirits, nor gods,
to read your mind when you have a voice?

Do you vow to respect boundaries, those you set,
those you need to set,
and those set by others?

Oaths to Freyja

For as long as We support you, and you are able:

Do you vow to serve the Vanir as Our Gythia,
to learn Our ways and teach them to others?

Do you vow to listen to Our guidance,
and use your best judgment in carrying out Our will?

Do you vow to serve the folk on Our behalf,
helping Our children to find right relationships with Us?

Oaths with the Folk

For so long as we respect and support you, and you are able:

Do you vow to serve us as Gythia,
to guide us and teach us,
to counsel and comfort us?


And do you, fellow folk, vow to uphold Ember as our own Gythia,
respecting her limits and supporting her efforts on our behalf,
and on behalf of the Vanir?


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Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. Hugs
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I have also made a commitment to not try to read minds.