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2013-09-21 05:27 pm

Do you hear EmberVoices?

Gods help me, I've started a public-facing blog: http://embervoices.wordpress.com/

I'll still keep this one for more personal musings, to the degree that I've kept it thus far.

[Edit] I have a request to CC my WordPress posts to this journal as well. If I do, they'll be locked to the access list, as I gather it's considered poor form to fully duplicate the public content. It's just apparently some folks can't access WordPress outside of the US, for some reason...

emberleo: A rabbit with antlers eating blackberries (jackalope)
2013-08-17 12:36 am
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My Oaths as a Vanatru Gythia

Last Saturday, August 10th, at Greyhaven, I took my public vows as a Gythia to the Vanir:

I took oaths to Nerthus, Njordh, Freyr, and Freyja, each in turn. )

Oaths with the Folk

For so long as we respect and support you, and you are able:

Do you vow to serve us as Gythia,
to guide us and teach us,
to counsel and comfort us?


And do you, fellow folk, vow to uphold Ember as our own Gythia,
respecting her limits and supporting her efforts on our behalf,
and on behalf of the Vanir?