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*Angel draped in white crepe cross-tied in gold ribbon walks lightly to center stage. She opens a book bound in black raw silk with silver ribbon*

Once upon a time
you lived in Paradise
The grass was green
The sky was blue
The age was golden

The light was beautiful
And the dark was a mystery
you never wanted to consider

It never occurred to you to question
the beauty of IS

Until someone *gestures to Devil*
taught you SHOULD...

*the book slams shut*

... And paradise was lost.

*the book falls to the floor*

*Angel begins to pace, her expression thoughtful*

You never forgot that trick
You never forgave yourself for falling
And you never again trusted the Divine
for allowing it

But you never gave up hope!
Someday the sky will fall!
Someday your pain will end.
Someday everything you ever wanted will be yours.
Someday you will return to paradise.

Well rejoice, children of paradise!
For your waiting is over.
Yesterday is gone forever
and Tomorrow the world ends!

So rise and fulfill your destinies!

*Angel raises her arms, saluting the heavens. She looks down at the audience, expectantly.*

For they will never be handed to you.

You will not live to see Tomorrow.
You awoke today.
You live today.
You will sleep today.
And when you awaken again
it will be

Tomorrow never comes.
You cannot return to paradise.

*Angel returns to center stage, and picks up the book*
*She holds the book out to the audience*

You never left.

*Angel smiles gently, and exits*

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