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I had and recorded this dream last spring, but wasn't journaling at the time. It came up again tonight and I realized I should get it into the logs...

I'm standing in the middle of the road in an orchard neighborhood in Los Altos (Fallen Leaf). It's the middle of the night. The moon is high, maybe 3/4 full - not so bright I can see color clearly, but bright enough that I'm comfortable walking where there is no artificial light to aid me.

A dark rider on a dark horse gallops towards me. The style of the rider's clothing is old - maybe 1700s - a scarf covers part of his face, and feathers adorn his hat. He speeds past me without pausing.

Another rider, almost identical to the first rushes towards me, following the same path. In one hand, he holds a rod wrapped in cloth - a flag of some kind. As he rides past me, he tosses the bundle towards me. It lands at my feet as the rider rushes past, not slowing at all.

I pick up the bundle, and know that it is not yet time to unwrap the banner, but the corner unfolds enough to show me that the banner is made in bright, cheerful colors. The corner may be a yellow sun, perhaps.

"I should go to my Mom's house now," I suddenly think, and the next thing I know, I am walking into her house.
"They're in the backyard for you." Mom informs me uncomfortably.
"Who are?"
"I don't know them. They're your kind of people. Do something about it."
"Um, okay."

So I go into her room and look out the sliding glass doors. Sure enough, there are perhaps less than a dozen people of elfin build dressed in garb wandering around the backyard in small, aimless circles, and a woman dressed in a bodice cheerfully waiting by the house.

I go into my room and open my window to talk with them. The cheerful woman greets me - the entourage is hers. Don't I recognize her? She is petite, and very pretty in a slightly round sort of way - you might expect to see a face like hers delivering a hearty meal to you. She has dark hair and pale skin. She looks sort of like several different friends of mine, but clearly isn't any one of them specifically.

"I thought you would recognize me - I'm Brigid!"
"I'm sorry! No, I didn't recognize you. You know this is my Mom's house, yes, not mine?"
"Oh! No, we didn't know. We always can find you here, so we thought this place was yours!"
"My home base does look very similar..." I explained, trying to remember the difference between my Mom's house and my home base - particularly in dreaming. "But no, this one is my Mom's, so please be sure to go to mine in the future if you're looking for me."
"We apologize. We didn't mean to bother your Mother."
"She'll be ok. What brings you here?"
"Well, remember the project you started with me a couple years ago that you had to put down because of stress and not enough [spoons]? It's time to start back up again soon! I came to [remind/inform] you. I'm so looking forward to working with you again!"

She smiles very sincerely, and I think she really means it. I'm still a bit wary - working in a Celtic context is not without its pitfalls. But Brigid... I've always heard very good things about Brigid. Only this Brigid feels a good bit more Fey than I was expecting, or than Brigid has felt to me in the past, which makes me wonder if I've missed something before, or what.

She doesn't feel like the same identity. The flavor is distinctly different, in fact. Were it not for the ambiguity of gods to begin with, I'd have been willing to assert outright that She was NOT Brigid - but I don't know enough about the various aspects of Brigid to be so sure of that. And besides, aren't there older, Fey faces of most of the Celtic gods? I've heard that somewhere...

And then I wake up rather suddenly, and it's 9am on Tuesday, and I can't go straight back to sleep, and I realize I should call the shop about my car to make sure they found her, and I need to use the restroom, so I have plenty of awake time to commit my dream to memory before I go back to sleep for a while again and try to see what I can sort out from it all.

Later on in the day, when I read my email, it seems one of my students who is a child of The Morrigan was sent a dream that morning that I had "taken up blacksmithing again because I so enjoy it" and then that she had promised a man that she would tell me she'd had this dream. When she woke up from the second dream, she, too, had plenty of time to commit her dream to memory. She concluded the message was as much for her as for me, since blacksmithing with Brigid is her project as well.

So! This has been heard loud and clear, although what exactly it all means remains to be seen.

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