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Date: 2013-07-18 12:46 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] brushwolf
At the time it was going on it really bothered me that people seemed to forget the class and race issues. Heck, I believe it might qualify as being an age issue too.

I think in this case it may be because the person who was able to take a heroic action to try and stop Texas' Republicans was a well-off blond woman and liberals can be blinded by their own income (as opposed to conservatives, who are almost always blinded by their own income). Reacting to any health concern requires methods of payment, time to work with the treatment, and physically getting to the location where treatment takes place. I am horrified that the least dinged by this whole thing are well off white women who merely face a huge amount of needless costly inconvenience and a dismissive assault on their personhood, and everyone else is worse off.

I don't even think competitive suffering is an even valid here. Why would someone want to cut a social service - isn't that what the government's there for, to protect the citizenry? To save money, to avoid the mere possibility of taxing those with higher incomes. That seems to be the only thing the Republicans are about, because they always want to have money to chuck at the prison system or the war on drugs or harshing illegals (and whoever happens to be legally here sometimes as well). To that end we are all in their sights if we make under 80K/year regardless of our skin color or heritage or even exact income. Given how they've claimed the moral high ground of conspicuous religiousity it's tempting to label all Republicans as Christians, so heck, I will; didn't their god have something to say about rich people screwing over the poor?
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