Oct. 26th, 2012

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There's still a lot going on, but being past the hardest bits of my grad school applications, and the Vanic Intensive presentation out in Maryland for the Nine Worlds Festival has cut down my stress tremendously, and with it a lot of my more intense anxiety symptoms.

I still have one hell of a to-do list, even where school is concerned, some of which I find almost as scary as the self-promotional essays, but from where I sit at the moment, my to-do list isn't overwhelming, just irritating.

In place of the overwhelming anxiety and depression, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the people who have been so appreciative and supportive of me recently (well overall of course, but the overwhelm is for recent things).

In particular, I find myself overwhelmed to the point of tears that the professors at SCU who agreed to give me recommendation letters are being not only accepting and cooperative about having to deal with my confusion over special PDF forms that I didn't know I needed. They're being actively positive and almost enthusiastic about it. They really want me to succeed and return to SCU for real. They actually miss me.

I can't quite handle that thought, it's so contradictory to my expectations of school - even SCU.

So yeah, overwhelmed with yay.

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The Powers have been poking at me for a long time to set up a way for people to easily pay me for my spiritual services, like Tarot readings. They finally got a blatant POKE through one last time before I left for Maryland.

Today I went by my bank for the last info I needed to get my PayPal account verified properly. I can now accept payment!

I'm proud of myself. This was a bigger hurdle than it should have been. Even through being proud of myself for having gotten it done, I feel weird, uncomfortable, exposed.

I don't know why I feel this way.

But there you go.



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