Mar. 4th, 2013

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From July of 2004:

I have a friend who says "The Truth Only Hurts When It Oughtta". In a way, I think he's right, but at the same time I think he doesn't necessarily mean it the way it applies in this context - Truth Hurts most when it is Needed. What we Need and what we Want in this manner are so rarely coincidental. It's strange, though, because the things that should, theoretically, bring us the most joy, hurt the most because of what they release, and a pain we are used to holding inside goes unnoticed until we let it go, and have to feel it one last time before it dies. If we try not to feel the hurt, we can't let it go, and it will only be held until it can try to be released again. A pain must be felt completely before it can die. It is, in this way, a microcosm of life - a true life must be lived completely before it ends, or it will be lived again. These little deaths between are only pauses to regroup and catch our lessons as they go by. If we fail to pause, we may miss the lessons, but it is a failure to continue beyond the pause that brings the real... damage... trouble... I can't find the word for this...




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