Jul. 8th, 2013

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Okay! This weekend was the Mystery portion of my Ordination process.

Although it was a bit of a muddle logistically right up until the very end (which I suspect was actually deliberate on the part of the Powers as a way to keep me off balance) it went quite well. I had exactly what I needed, no more, no less.

I can't talk much about the details, however, because... uh... Mystery.

HOWEVER! My public Ordination Vows will be taken in early August and now my job is to go about figuring out what those Vows will actually BE, in terms of actual wording, and then design a ritual around it, and recruit appropriately those I need to execute the thing.

The date has already been set, and the design has already begun, so that ball is rolling. Location is still TBD, but it's looking like East Bay makes the most sense - either Greyhaven or some likely outdoor location.

I can't even tell you how much LESS crazy I feel now.

But I'm still daunted. I'm starting a Lineage. This is A Thing now in a way that goes far beyond what I ever expected of our little affinity group back in 2004.



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